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Our Strength

Leading Technologies

Hamada Industry Co., Ltd. continues to announce new products every year, in its constant exploration of cutting edge technologies.

No.1 in the World & Only One

We firmly believe that our products that utilize brushless motors such as the IPM Motor (Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) (*1) and SPM Motor (Surface Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) and our Lifters that use ball-screws to prevent sinking when loading are not only No. 1 in the world, but are the "Only Ones" that exist in the world .
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The IPM is a technology that is mainly used in Japanese hybrid cars. Currently only a few companies in the world including our company, Toyota, Honda and Daikin are able to produce this motor. In other words, within the global material handling industry, only Hamada Industry is capable of producing lifters that use IPMs.

*1 What's IPM?
The IPM is the world's most advanced motor which embeds a permanent magnet inside the rotor, utilizing "magnetic torque" (rotational force from a magnet) and "reluctance torque" (rotational force from the attraction between iron and the magnet). With this "double rotational force", high torque/high power operation becomes possible.


HAMACO products have the power to lift 1t of weight on a 110V power supply. This means that the power supply in the family home can provide the same amount of power as the three-phase power supply used in plants.

Small Scale

HAMACO' s main products are small scale, space saving lifters. Because they are compact, they can be used in a variety of situations requiring detailed work, such as in the expansion and connection of factory work lines, or right near your desk. Also, because they can be used anywhere, they are easy to use in factories that deal with small products, dramatically improving efficiency.
In addition, their smooth lifting and sinking prevention functionality take ergonomics into consideration, preventing lower back pain.


All of the parts for our products are produced in our own factories or those of our subcontractors. This means that each part is customized to our products, and designed so as not to be overloaded. This makes our products extremely durable,and unlikely to have faults.In addition,parts that are mote likely to have loads placed on them are desingned so that they can be easily repaired,making maintenance very easy.

Price Competitiveness

HAMACO products boast the most competitive prices in Japan. Our customers are highly satisfied with our ability to deliver products with leading technologies and high quality.
We also boast a 70% share of the domestic market for hydraulic foot operated lifters, and 100% of the domestic market for IPM/SPM lifters.
We are also prepared to provide highly satisfying high quality and low cost products to the US market.

Leading Company Trusted by Government

In October 2011, in Japan, our company's "Business Plan for the Development and Production of a New Lift Utilizing an IPM Motor" (*2) was approved by the Osaka government as a target "Innovative Business Plan" under the Act for Facilitating New Business Activities of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. Under this system, the Japanese government provides management and financial support for new and innovative SME business plans that have applied and have been reviewed and determined to have potential. In other words, this means that the government considers Hamada Industry to be a strong company of great potential, both today and in the future.

*2 What is the "Innovative Business Plan under the Act for Facilitating New Business Activities of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises"?
This is a system whereby regional governments review and approve the "Innovative Business Plans" of SMEs that operate new and innovative businesses, so that the national government can provide support (from the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of the national government) in accordance with the law, with the hope of realizing potential innovations and improvements in management. In Osaka, about 50 companies apply each month, with just 10% said to gain approval.

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