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The Feature of Mechanical Lift

Using ball screw driving system. Do not use the hydraulic mechanical drive structure.

Mechanical-Lift succeeded to make the lift compact by use ball-screw to the lift construction, "dry cylinder method". Minimal body has no preference surrounding locations. In addition, adopting brushless-motors realized longevity life & maintenance ourselves.

parts of ball-screw


microcomputer control

Foot switch (with LED)

: Low Cost
The cost is lower than the hydraulic type.

: No Oil Leak
According to the dry cylinder, without hydraulic, there's no oil leak and you can always keep the surrounding cleanly.

: Longevity Life
As it is brushless, you don't have to worry about short-life and a leak by much wear of the brush.

: Accurate Positioning
The drive structure used ball-screw achieves accurate positioning. Also there are little changes in rise and fall speed by load variations.

: No Natural Falling
In case you left loads for a long time without it getting down, you can always keep a certain height without natural table falling.

: Quiet
The motor driving keeps quiet and comfortable surroundings.

: Easy Maintenance
Clumsy of maintenance does not use over time, because no accidents such as oil leaks.

: Built-in the Unit
Because power units are built into the lifter, you can use it anywhere.

: Alarm
In case of troubles, it's displayed by LED on the foot switch.

:Foot Switch of Good Quality
In rigid plastic, fragile and color 2 color (UP: black, DOWN: red) vision is good visibility. Within the limit switch is easily damaged bar water-resistant specification. With alarm display (LED).

: Less Speed Change by Load
In brushless motor, you can understand rotation speed by internal Hall element signals, so it became possible to control speed by controlling the current value of the motor and commutation frequency. (mini type)

: Efficient
Because efficiency is better than the hydraulic, it enabled to react to the big load by smaller output motor.

The Principle of Brushless-Motor

What is Brushless-Motor? It is realized the rectification by the sensor and IC, without mechanical sliding parts such as brush and commutator. As no friction, it has long-life and doesn’t disperse carbon. Our lift is controlled by microcomputer and can respond to various use by changing software.

About Control the Motor & Rotate the rotor

To rotate brushless motor, it uses the magnetic force like a normal motor. Brushless motor, electrify current to coils based on position of the rotor (magnet) information by three Hall element signals, rotate the rotor by 'the repulsive force or attraction' with sink which appeared by it. The right figure represents the rotation principle of the brushless motor (4-pole 6 coil). U, V, and W represent the coil, Hu, HV, Hw indicates Hall element, and N, S is rotor magnetic pole. Also, (N), (S) shows the magnetic pole.

course Hall element coils
1 on off off S d N
2 on on off d S N
3 off on off N S d
4 off on on N d S
5 off off on d N S
6 on off on S N d

---Only Hu(Hall element) is ON. The rotor rotates to the state by making U S and W N.
---Hu and Hv are ON. The rotor rotates to the state by making V S and W N.

Rotate the rotor by this control. Reverse N poles and S pole of the coil, it should spin in reverse.

Microcomputer with 32bit CPU

Options on Brushless Mechanical-Lift

OPTION 1. Three Push Button
You can take three push button switches (rise, fall, and stop), it works Hold Driving Mode. Push rise (fall) button one time and it operates automatically to the highest (lowest). The alarm display (LED) is lost, but the protection feature keeps working.

OPTION 2. Two Push Button
You can take two push buttons (rise and fall). The alarm display (LED) is lost, but the protection feature keeps working.

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